Duke Drive and Kick Shooting Drill

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Drill Duke Drive and Kick Shooting Drill
Drill Nickname Duke Drive and Kick
Central focus of the drill Offense
Number of players required 2
Most appropriate age range(s) Middle School, High School, College or Above, All


This is a simple drive and kick shooting drill that teaches spacing the floor, looking to the opposite side off of dribble penetration, and how to step in off of a spot up shot on the perimeter. This drill is particularly good for teams with good perimeter spot shooters and those who incorporate dribble drive concepts into their offense.

Video Breakdown

BasketballWiki.Net Drill - Duke Drive & Kick


This drill begins with a coach (or if you prefer, utilize a third player as the coach) holding two basketballs at the top of the key.

  • First, one of the wing players should make a v-cut to simulate creating space from a defender. The coach will hit this player with a chest pass on the perimeter.
  • The first pass recipient will catch, square to the basket, and rip by taking one strong dribble to attack the paint. Simulating a help side step-up, the driving offensive player should look to kick the ball to the weak side to an open shooter.
  • The weak side shooter should look to move towards open space either to the baseline or moving up the three point line and then stepping into the shot.

  • After the weak side kick out, the coach will dribble attack to the foul line area. The player who made the pass should fill out and behind the coach who will kick the ball out for a shot. The focus here is a player filling over the top of the dribble attack and making sure to square their feet and balance themselves when stepping into a shot coming from an odd direction.

Change the starting side after a predetermined number of attempts and switch player locations.