Ball Screen High/Low Game (San Francisco)

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Name of Offense Weak Side High/Low Game
Nickname San Francisco High/Low
Type of Offense Motion Offense
Most appropriate age range(s) High School, College or Above
Best used against Any


This is primarily a 2 post offense where you're looking to establish a High-Low Game with your two forwards. They start with two wings wide and two players on the block.



  • The weak side player on the block will flash up to the high post looking for a quick entry if one is available. As this happens, the point guard makes a pass to a wing where the low forward will float along the baseline looking to overload the strong side by establishing position in the short corner.
  • Any time the ball is passed or swung from the top of the key to the wing that guard should fill to the weak side corner allowing the weak side wing to fill towards the ball.
  • If the ball goes to short corner they can look to make a skip pass or the high forward can look for a bounce pass on a dive to the rim.
  • If the ball is reversed, the high post man sets a screen and roll with the man at the top of the key. If necessary the high post man can pop out to facilitate ball rotation and eventually look to flash back to the short corner.
  • If the ball is skipped the low man on the opposite side makes the flash to the elbow or can float to the opposite short corner if the high man is looking to set a ball screen.
  • In the case of this play the help side man guarding the short corner forward was forced to step up to stop penetration which allowed an easy bounce pass to the low forward for a layup.
  • If O2 had reversed the ball he would have filled to the weak side corner, O4 would have flashed to the high post and O5 would fill to the short corner.


  • Don't hold the ball longer than a second or two in the high post. Look to attack and attract help side defenders to open up weak side post looks.
  • Ball screens on weak side wing fill to the top of the key attacking the spaced side of the floor.
  • Continuous activity on the baseline - flash to open space.
  • Create contact and seal in the high post - look for lob passes over the top if fronted.