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The backdoor cut is a key offensive motion concept in which a player sets their defender up by attempting to get open for a pass and then making a sharp cut to the basket. This is a great option to take advantage of a team that is overplaying the passing lane and denying hard to disrupt ball movement.

Key Skill Points for Cutter

  • 2-3 Steps Outside 3pt line - Often times backdoor cuts do not work because the player cutting didn't make their defender stretch out past the 3pt line allowing the defender's momentum to take them in the wrong direction and for space to be able to get seperation when cutting to the basket.
  • Plant on the Outside Foot - When making the cut the player should plant their outside foot to plant and cut to maintain vision on the basketball. If you plant with your inside foot you will have to awkwardly turn to get into a good lane to the basket.
  • Give Passer a Target Make eye contact and show the passer you are ready to catch the ball. Having an outstretched hand gives the passer a target to aim for.
  • Finish Strong - If you do receive the pass, find the hoop and look to score (1...2...finish) off the momentum bringing you to the basket without having to put the dribble down.

Key Skill Points for the Passer

  • Bounce Pass - The pass to a backdoor cutter should always be a bounce pass. This allows the ball to come up to them from the floor and avoids awkward catching angles that can come from a chest or overhead pass.
  • Lead a step - Lead the cutter with the pass by a step or so they are able to catch the ball in stride to be able to finish at the basket.

Backdoor Cut Motion Offense