Backcourt Violation

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30.1 Definition

30.1.1 A live ball which is in a team’s frontcourt goes into a team's backcourt when:

  • It touches the backcourt.
  • It touches or is legally touched by an offensive player who has part of his body in contact with the backcourt.
  • It touches an official who has part of his body in contact with the backcourt.

30.1.2 The ball has been illegally returned to the backcourt when a player of the team in control of the live ball is the last to touch the ball in his frontcourt, after which that player or a team-mate is the first to touch the ball in the backcourt.This restriction applies to all situations in a team's frontcourt, including throw-ins. However, it does not apply to a player who jumps from his frontcourt, establishes new team control while still airborne and then lands in his team’s backcourt.

30.2 Rule

A player whose team is in control of a live ball in their frontcourt may not cause the ball to be illegally returned to his backcourt.

30.3 Penalty

The ball shall be awarded to the opponents for a throw-in in their frontcourt at a place nearest to the infraction except directly behind the backboard.