Act of Shooting

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Definition of being in the Act of Shooting.

15.1.2 The act of shooting:

    • Begins when the player starts the continuous movement normally preceding the release of the ball and, in the judgement of an official, he has started an attempt to score by throwing, tapping or dunking the ball towards the opponents' basket.
    • Ends when the ball has left the player’s hand(s) and, in the case of an airborne shooter, both feet have returned to the floor.

The player attempting to score might have his arm(s) held by an opponent, thus preventing him from scoring, even though he is considered to have made an attempt to score. In this case it is not essential that the ball leaves the player's hand(s).There is no relationship between the number of legal steps taken and the act of shooting.

15.1.3 A continuous movement in the act of shooting:

    • Begins when the ball has come to rest in the player's hand(s) and the shooting motion, usually upward, has started.
    • May include the player's arm(s) and/or body movement in his attempt to shoot for a field goal.
    • Ends when the ball has left the player’s hand(s), or if an entirely new act of shooting is made.