4 Corner Warmup Passing and Layup Drill

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Drill 4 Corner Warmup Passing and Layup Drill
Drill Nickname "Corner Scores" Drill
Central focus of the drill Warm-up
Number of players required 4
Most appropriate age range(s) Youth, Middle School, High School, College or Above, All


This four corner passing drill helps players to warm up by creating a spacing effect where they must pass the ball across the court with some strength to move the basketball. It also gets players constantly moving with several basketballs in the first line to keep a flow of players entering the drill. The final player goes strong to the rim to work on finishing at the basket after catching off a cut from the short corner.


  • 4 lines, two at half-court and two on the baseline corners.
  • Ball (can use multiple) starts in line O1 in the diagram.

Cuts without ball = red solid ,moves with ball = orange solid,Ball passed = orange line segments, fill assignments = green

  • O1 makes a skip pass to O2.
  • On the catch by O2, O3 makes a cut towards the foul line and receives a pass from the from O2.
  • On the catch by O3, O4 makes a cut to the basketball at the foul line and halfway there receives a pass from O3. O3 is essentially catching the pass and immediately passing it on to his/her opposite side.
  • O4 makes the catch, takes one power dribble and scores the layup.

Line Fill Asssignments

  • O1 follows their pass to line O2.
  • O2 follows their pass through the lane after O3 moves through and fills line O4 at the opposite corner.
  • O3 continues through the lane after catching/pasing up to O1.
  • O4 makes the flash and the score, kicking their own rebound out to the O1 line and filling line O3.